University Park Center Cleaners - They completely ruined my once worn designer skirt!

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Took my once worn pleated Talbots skirt to this cleaner for dry cleaning.Specifically told the owner's daughter, attending the store, that I had only worn the skirt once, and there was a white spot on it needed cleaning.

To my surprise, when I went to pick it up, all the pleats were gone, and the skirt's shape had completely changed.

When I complained, she said she would contact Talbots and see what she could do, and would call me. She never called and as I stopped by several times but she was not present at the store. I finally asked for the owner. He asked me to let him try once more to see if he could fix it.

The skirt looked worse afterwards. He asked me for the receipt to or something to show his insurance Co. for reimbursement. Since I had no receipt (skirt was a Christmas present) and Talbots did not carry it anymore, I printed& gave him a printout of the exact skirt from online priced at $109.

Later I called to get reimbursed, but he did not accept and told me he could only offer $60 store credit!

When I told him I wanted a replacement and I would not consider going back to that place, he raised his voice and hung up on me.I complained to Business bureau, and he never responded to them!Now, several weeks has passed and still he would not replace the skirt.

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